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Art + Tech = Functional Aesthetic 

At one point, I disliked anything artistic, until I discovered it's simply a different form of engineering and when the two are combined, results are spectacular.

NASA Anthology

I was exploring the NASA photo archives and became inspired to combine all my favorites images into one piece. It is composed of all authentic NASA photographs, edited and layered on each other. The astronaut is Ed White from the Gemini 4 first American spacewalk, the spiral galaxy is NGC1232, the main background is our own Milky Way. The rest are various pictures of meteor showers and images captured from the Hubble Space Telescope.


Control of Everything

I think we all know math is cool, but did you know it can be beautiful? This piece features my favorite equation, the second order ordinary differential equation. This one formula is so versatile it can model phenomena in astrophysics, biology, chemistry, circuits, and robotics just to name a few. The text in the background derives the equation from a mass-spring-damper system, including a PID controller and frequency response characteristics. The red illustrates the three standard outputs: under damped, over damped, and critically damped systems. 


CNC and 3D Print Leather Wallet

Handcrafted leatherworking usually takes years of practice and experience but using a CNC machine, 3D printer and CAD anyone can make beautiful, and rugged equipment.